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Microphone calibration

AcoustX microphones are calibrated against a Type I laboratory grade microphone for both gain and frequency response. Over time, microphone calibration can drift, so periodic calibration is advisable.

Gain is measured at 1 kHz, and can be verified by placing the microphone into a calibrator. Microphones need an adaptor or plug that allows them to fit closely into the calibrator. There are three AcoustX microphones, the AM-2 (current), AM-1, and CM-1.

  • The AM-2 is standard size (quarter-inch), and most calibrators that accept quarter-inch microphones should work with the AM-2.

  • The AM-1 requires a special calibrator plug available from AcoustX. This plug is available for a variety of calibrators.

  • The CM-1 is a non-standard shape, but can fit into at least one calibrator with an AcoustX adaptor.

  • Calibrators can cost from approximately $800-$1200 for Type I, and $200-$500 for Type 2 calibrators. Contact AcoustX for currently recommended calibrators.

    Microphones can also drift in frequency response, but this is typically by small amounts at the extreme ends of the audio spectrum. If frequency response errors are suspected, this can be verified by comparing microphones in the set or to another D2 microphone. If frequency response calibration is necessary, the microphones must be sent to AcoustX for recalibration. If the error is great, it may mean that the microphone needs to be replaced.

    Calibration on AcoustX microphones can last several years. Microphones typically drift less when cared for properly. Microphones that receive rough treatment usually need calibration more frequently.

    AcoustX offers two levels of calibration service, the D2 system checkout and calibration, and microphone calibration. The D2 system checkout and calibration involves a full evaluation of the system, calibration, and replacement of bad connectors, etc. The microphone calibration is the best choice when the rest of the system is known to be in good working order. Contact AcoustX for current pricing for these services.

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