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Product Information

AcoustX offers the following products:

Complete D2 System
Acoustical Measurement System
The D2 is an integrated solution to sound analysis in the cinema. The Cinema Version features win|RTA software, microphone multiplexer, high quality audio interface, and rugged, low-diffraction microphones in a complete, calibrated system.
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Individual Components
win|RTA provides high resolution audio measurements of frequency response, background noise, and reverberation time, and audio frequency oscilloscope.
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  The AC-3 option for win|RTA enables encoding of pink noise into an AC-3 stream for inputting test signal into to a cinema processor or home theatre receiver via the S/PDIF port. This option is available for win|RTA V2.4 and later and can be ordered online.

The Sound Devices USBPre2 digital audio interface is recognized throughout the industry for its quality and reliability.
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AM-2 Microphone

The AM-2 is a rugged, low diffraction, electret condenser microphone for accurate repeatable measurements. It is calibrated against a ¼ inch measurement microphone. The AM-2 is standard ¼ inch size.
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Small Carrying Case

Minimum size and weight to protect and show off your new D2 System.
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ATA Case

Wheeled ATA carryon case with space for additional equipment. Special order.
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Replacement Parts
  Mic Stand
Microphone Stand
Replacement microphone stand for AM series microphones.

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