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Our Mission
At AcoustX our mission is to provide cinema technicians with products and services that aid in producing the highest quality of sound in cinema and home theatres.

Our goal is to make available the best technology, which is easy to use, at a very reasonable cost. We are service oriented, so please call whenever you need to consider a purchase, need an estimate, or just want some plain good advice.

Our Products and Services
All of our products and services have been developed on the basis of many years of audio and cinema experience and are both theoretically sound and in-the-field practical.

Our D2 system is one of the most comprehensive tools ever developed for sound technicians to evaluate and adjust theatre sound. Our products are lightweight, but sturdy and well built, so you can carry them into the field with confidence.

While we recommend the integrated D2 system, some of the components can also be bought individually. win|RTA is a great analyzing tool that can be used with any high quality microphone. For best results, combine win|RTA with an approved interface.

Who We Are
AcoustX was founded by Tim Holmes in 2003. Tim was the Manager of Engineering for Lucasfilm's THX Cinema Division and was a key developer in the THX analyzer project.
What Our Customers Are Saying
"The D2 system has been invaluable to our work in making critical decisions on loudspeaker design and cinema work. We have other RTA equipment in our lab, but the D2 is fast and ultimately gives us an excellent repeatable library of responses. In our cinema installations the D2 has been our cornerstone, oftentimes working along side other measuring equipment with dependable, comparable results. I can and would use any brand, but I choose the D2 system."

-- Jerry Steckling, www.jsxaudio.com
Jerry is a distinguished electro-acoustic engineer.

"I am very impressed with the D2. Having been a user for many years of the THX Analyzer, I appreciate its compact size and friendly interface. And having used many different analyzers, this is probably the best."

-- Gordon McLeod
Gordon is a Toronto based cinema engineer.

Hollywood's finest sound mixers are in our QC Theater every day, along with post production supervisors, sound designers, sound and picture editors, studio executives, and talent. It is imperative that the performance of the room be at its best, all of the time. The D2 Studio Acoustic Analysis System has proven to be my most valuable audio instrument, allowing me to ensure that the room is held tight to SMPTE tolerances.

By fact that the microphones are calibrated to an absolute reference via offset files, for both frequency response, and sound pressure level, the D2 Studio, is truly a neutral part of the tuning process. Other acoustic analyzers have no provision for ensuring the microphone frequency response is dead flat, and therefore do not allow for accurate measurement. The WIN|RTA software is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Measurements are accurate and repeatable.

When I first saw the A-Chain setup software, I was a little skeptical, whether the oscilloscope X/Y + RTA function would be fast enough to tune optical and magnetic reproducers. After using it to tune the optical sound reproducers on our 35mm projectors, and comparing the results to hardware based oscilloscope and RTA, I was convinced. The results were repeatable. I have since used only the D2 Studio to perform all sound alignments.

Tim Holmes has created an incredibly reliable and invaluable analyzer kit. He is very personable, and happy to assist with any questions. If you're in the market, I recommend the D2.

-- Steve Levy, NT Audio

Contact Us
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are happy to advise you on the best solution for your particular needs.
Middletown, CA
Phone: 707-537-1310
Email: info@acoustx.us

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