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D2 Plexer Battery Life

The D2 Plexer is battery powered. This has a number of advantages, including better portability and noise performance. The Plexer cable also does not have to carry power to the device. Also, because the USBPre and Controller are usb powered, with a charged laptop battery, you can run without connection to AC power.

The first generation Plexer utilizes low noise input circuitry which increases current consumption. When in operation, the Plexer draws about 26 mA from the battery. A typical alkaline battery is rated between 500-600 mAh. For the D2, this translates to about 16 hours of continuous use. The Plexer employs a sleep circuit to reduce current consumption when it is idle. If the internal microcontroller does not detect a microphone change for 10 minutes, it triggers a relay and enters a low-current mode, using about 3 mA. In this state, LED4 on the Plexer blinks once every two seconds to show that it is in sleep mode. When it detects a change of microphone, the system wakes up again. So to save battery, click on STOP or hit the ESC key when you walk away from the computer.

You may also use lithium batteries and NiMH rechargables in the Plexer. A lithium 9 V battery typically is rated at around 1100 mAh. You may be able to get 30 or more hours of continuous use with this type of battery. A 9 V 250 mAh NiMH battery should yield about 8 hours of continuous use when freshly charged. In many instances it is not necessary to be running in plex mode the full time, so one charge may last a full day. In this situation carry two charged NiMH batteries and a spare alkaline.

When the Plexer lights go out, you should have up to a half hour to finish your tests before the system stops operating properly. This time period after the lights go out is shorter with NiMH batteries. When the lights are not lit on the Plexer, stop and change battery as soon as possible.

The second generation Plexer uses circuitry that is both low noise and low current. This allows this version of the Plexer to draw under 10 mA. In this design, no sleep circuit is used. The Plexer will shut off when the battery is too low to operate correctly.
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