D2 Studio Version
  • Integrated sound analysis system for cinema, broadcast, and home theatre.
  • Flexible software based system for Microsoft® Windows based computers.
  • Calibrated low-diffraction microphones for accurate measurements.
  • Collapsible microphone stands
  • Single unit interface that includes high quality digital audio interface and multiplexer functionality.
  • Microsoft® Windows XP/Vista/ 7 / 8 computer with USB 2.0 port required.

D2      Acoustical Measurement System

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(Note: Shown with the AM-1 microphone; the AM-2 microphone is now standard with the D2 Studio)

The D2 Studio Version is optimized for use in mix rooms, broadcast suites, and home theatres. Like the D2 Cinema Version, it represents a comprehensive approach to testing. The system is lightweight yet rugged, designed for convenient and accurate field testing. Because the D2 hardware is integrated with the win|RTA software, it is capable of performing automated measurement tasks.

The Studio Version utilizes a single unit interface, the MOTU 4Pre. This compact and lightweight unit simplifies setup. It connects to the computer via USB or firewire. The 4Pre can be powered by wall power adaptor or firewire bus power.

This system can also be used in larger rooms by utilizing a standard microphone extension cable or "mic snake". AcoustX offers this extension in a high quality, flexible cable.

The software based multiplexer duplicates the hardware functionality in the original D2. This enables the D2 Studio Version to do automated tests like the Cinema Version, including four microphone multiplexed room response measurements utilizing individual microphone calibration files and gain leveling. Automated four microphone NC and RT60 testing are also available.

The Comprehensive Theatre Test feature is included, which allows the operator to test and catalog all facets of a theatre's performance in one file. CTT has modes for Cinema, Mix rooms, and Home Theatre. Data can be easily exported to a spreadsheet for report generation.

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