D2 Cinema Version
  • Integrated sound analysis system for cinema and home theatre.
  • Flexible software based system for Microsoft® Windows based computers.
  • Calibrated low-diffraction microphones for accurate measurements.
  • Collapsible microphone stands
  • USBPre2 digital audio interface.
  • Microphone multiplexer.
  • USB multiplexer controller.
  • Small diameter interconnect cables to reduce weight.
  • Microsoft® Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 computer with 2 USB ports required (contact AcoustX for detailed requirements)

Download the D2 brochure.
D2      Acoustical Measurement System

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(Note: Shown with the CM-1 microphone and the USBPre; the AM-2 microphone and the USBPre2 are now standard with the D2.)

The D2 Acoustical Measurement System is used by cinema professionals around the world in motion picture dubbing stages, commercial cinemas, and home theatres. It is a comprehensive approach to cinema testing. The D2 is lightweight yet rugged, designed for convenient and accurate field testing. Because the D2 hardware is integrated with the win|RTA software, it is capable of performing automated measurement tasks.

The software controlled multiplexer enables the D2 to do four microphone multiplexed room response measurements utilizing individual microphone calibration files and gain leveling. Automated four microphone NC and RT60 testing are also available.

The D2 has a feature called Comprehensive Theatre Test which allows the operator to test and catalog all facets of a theatre's performance in one file. CTT has modes for Cinema, Mix rooms, and Home Theatre. Data can be easily exported to a spreadsheet for report generation.

The D2 can control the cinema processor pink noise with the D2 Controller. Projector A-chains can be aligned using the software's audio-frequency oscilloscope.

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